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Thurs. March 24, 9am (Simple Yoga)
Tues. March 29
Wed March 30
Thur. March 31

Join us Sat. April 2 @ 7:30am
for our first class at the new location!

2350 S. Carson St. in Carson City –
entrance at Rhodes & Curry across from the Greenhouse Garden Center

Welcome to
Sun Mountain Yoga

Please wear loose comfortable clothes, bring your own mat and a firm blanket, and come with an empty stomach. Straps and blocks are available at the studio.

All classes are Drop-in. Cost is $14. Unlimited monthly class cards are available for $100.

Class schedules and descriptions HERE.

New Class


5:30 pm

Mixed Levels

with Amy Joytir

Find Us

Until March 27: We're located in The Studio at Ascent Physical Therapy, at 3246 N Carson Street (the old KMart Center), Suite 120, in the back corner.

Beginning April 2: Still in The Studio at Ascent Physical Therapy, now at 2350 S. Carson St., one block south of Colorado St. – entrance at Rhodes & Curry across from the Greenhouse Garden Center

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explores the intimate connections between body, mind and spirit. We learn to genuinely listen to our bodies while we develop flexibility, strength, and endurance. The practice of yoga is uniquely adaptable; the benefits are both immediate and enduring.

The classes at Sun Mountain Yoga are firmly grounded in human biomechanics, providing a safe and supportive environment in which to strengthen, release and reeducate our bodies for our daily lives.


Sun Mountain Yoga is proud to partner with the highly trained physical therapists at Ascent Physical Therapy in their comprehensive

Personal Wellness & Injury Prevention Program

The components:

  • Fix: Individual sessions with the Ascent therapists to analyze dysfunctional movement and postural patterns and restore optimal mobility and alignment.
  • Foundation: Refine the relationship between stability and mobility to build strong movement fundamentals with classes in
    • Yoga (yes, that's us!)
    • CoreAlign, in which challenging exercises, deep stretching, and core-controlled aerobic training improve posture, balance and functional movement in a fast-paced, challenging workout unlike anything else.
  • Fun: Get out and play!

Wherever you start, this program will build your physical capabilities, help protect you from injuries, and build a strong foundation for an active lifestyle.

More details about the program HERE.


Angela SullivanANGELA SULLIVAN began in the Iyengar tradition in 1989. She is certified by Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten, and has trained extensively with Ana Forrest, Bob Smith, and Rodney Yee. Over the years she has developed a unique style, informed by a variety of teaching approaches and her own personal exploration of yoga’s transformational potential. Her playful perspective makes the essential core of asana practice accessible to all; her training in human biomechanics insures a safe and supportive environment in which to cultivate harmonious and injury-free movement in our daily lives.